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After injury or surgery, your body will make every attempt to heal itself. This takes a great deal of energy, leaving most people feeling fatigued in the weeks after surgery. Most people who have general surgery do not require any assistance to recover; their bodies will do the work and within a few months they will be recovered. There are some instances when it is necessary to involve a physical therapist to facilitate the recovery process. Most surgeries into a joint will require physical therapy to manage the scar tissue that heals the joint, yet also prevents spontaneous recovery of joint motion. The more extensive the surgery, the more scarring will be produced. Highly mobile joints like the shoulder are more likely to have functional limitations if the healing process is not well managed. Other situations where the skills of a physical therapist can be invaluable are: periods of immobilization after the procedure, pain that prevents follow through with post-operative instructions, medical conditions or complications that limit your ability to perform the rehabilitation on your own.

ProActive therapists use physical agents (heat, light, sound waves, electric current) and techniques (massage, joint mobilization, exercise) that accelerate and/or direct the healing process. Almost anything that your body can heal on its own can be enhanced with physical therapy. Physical therapy is particularly effective after surgeries that involve the muscles, tendons, bones and joints.

ProActive Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation provides in-home therapy for patients who are not eligible for home health services yet are not able to travel to the clinic due to health reasons. Your therapist will bring the necessary equipment and supplies to where you are, until youre able to come to us.