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Occupational Rehabilitation | Occupational Rehabilitation

ProActive Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation offers a full menu of occupational rehabilitation services, including ergonomic assessments, job site analysis, American with Disabilities Act (ADA) consulting, post-offer/pre-employment screenings, and work hardening/work conditioning. Occupational rehabilitation, the provision of rehabilitation services to enable an employee (or group of employees) to perform a job in the safest and most efficient manner possible, is an offshoot of the field of Occupational Health which includes physicians and employee health nurses. The role of the physical therapist on the Occupational Health team is to ensure that "the optimum work environment exists for the prevention of injury and for the rehabilitation of work-related impairment, activity limitation, and participation restrictions" (www.APTA.org).

Occupational Rehabilitation is most often associated with prevention and treatment of repetitive strain injuries, but physical therapists also play an integral role in the rehabilitation of catastrophic work-related injuries such as burns, fractures, amputations, head injuries and spinal cord injuries.

Diane Wilson, PT, CEAS II has provided occupational rehabilitation services for 14 years. She developed and implemented a work hardening program with a high rate of success in safely returning injured workers to work. She has performed ergonomic evaluations in office, health care, industrial and mining settings; she has consulted in local companies, international corporations, and government agencies to provide health and safety education, job site analysis, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) consultation, development of ADA-compliant job descriptions, ergonomic evaluations, post-offer/pre-employment screenings, FCEs, and prevention programs for repetitive strain injuries. Diane has shared her knowledge and experience by presenting courses to physicians, nurses and other rehabilitation professionals in the areas of FCE, ergonomics, repetitive strain injuries, spinal mobilization, evidence-based treatment of low back pain, occupational rehabilitation, and rehabilitation of amputees. She has published articles on the topics of amputee rehabilitation and myofascial pain syndrome .